IBM Power System E850


The IBM® Power® System E850 server offers a unique blend of enterprise-class capabilities in a space-efficient, 4-socket system with excellent price performance. With up to 48 IBM POWER8™ processor cores, advanced IBM PowerVM® virtualization that can yield over 70 percent system utilization and Capacity on Demand (CoD), no other 4-socket system in the industry delivers this combination of performance, efficiency and business agility. These capabilities make the Power E850 server an ideal platform for medium-size businesses and as a departmental server or data center building block for large enterprises.

Businesses today are demanding faster insights that analyze more data in new ways. They need to implement applications in days versus months, and they need to achieve all these goals while reducing IT costs. This is creating new demands on IT infrastructures, requiring new levels of performance and the flexibility to respond to new business opportunities, all at an affordable price.

Processor and Memory

  • Processor cores
    • 48 at3.02 GHz POWER8
    • 40 at 3.35 GHz POWER8
    • 32 at 3.72 GHz POWER8
  • Sockets 2 – 4
  • Level 2 (L2) cache per core 512 KB
  • Level 3 (L3) cache per core 8 MB eDRAM shared L3
  • Level 4 (L4) cache Up to 128 MB eDRAM L4 (off-chip) per socket
  • Enterprise Memory Up to 32 CDIMMs, 1600 MHz DDR3
  • 128 GB to 2 TB, increasing to 4 TB in the future*
  • Processor-to-Memory bandwidth 192 GBps per socket

Storage and IO

  • Integrated PCIe adapter slots Up to 11 hot-swap PCIe Gen3 slots
  • x16: 4 – 8 (2 per socket)
  • x8: 3 (one defaults to 2 x 10 Gb LAN)
  • Integrated SAS Controllers Two in storage backplane, supporting standard RAID 0,5,6,10, 5T2, 6T2 and 10T2
  • Dual SAS Controller Backplane, with 7.2 GB write cache
  • Dual SAS Controller Backplane, without write cache
  • Split Disk Backplane (two single SAS controllers), without write cache
  • Integrated SAS bays for solid-state drives
  • (SSD) or hard-disk drives
  • 8 hot-swap SFF SAS drive bays (2.5”) + 4 SSD bays (1.8”)

Expansion features (optional – operating system dependencies)

  • DVD bay One
  • Max PCIe Gen3 I/O Drawers
  • (12 PCIe Gen3 slots each) 4
  • Max DASD/SSD I/O Drawers
  • (24 SFF bays each) 64 EXP24S I/O drawers

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System x3850 X6


As businesses continue to expand into mobile and cloud arenas, mission-critical applications—and data center infrastructure—must do more. Superior IT solutions must easily scale-up for better performance, manage large masses of data, and make that crucial actionable insight available in real-time. It’s a given that the volume of data you manage continues to grow, yet you remain constrained by a finite set of capital and operational resources. The Lenovo System x3850 X6, based on the sixth generation of Enterprise X-Architecture technology, helps you efficiently deliver better, more timely business results.


X6 platforms, with Intel® Xeon® processors E7-4800/8800 v3 series, can produce up to 56 percent faster compute performance than the last -generation of X6 systems with last-generation processors. The X6 portfolio delivers large application virtualization and decreases infrastructure costs and complexity. Now you can design faster analytics engines, rein in IT sprawl and deliver information with high reliability. X6 servers are fast, agile and resilient.
Unique modular “book” design with up to 56% faster performance than previous generation. Software-defined management. Accommodation for multiple generations of processor and memory technology in the same chassis. Maximum availability. Seamless scaling from 4-way to 8-way.


  • Fast application performance means immediate access to actionable information
  • Agile system design provides the ability to upgrade processor and memory technology to the next generation, reducing acquisition costs significantly
  • Resilient platforms maximize application uptime and promote easy integration in virtual environments


  • Processor: Up to 4 Intel® Xeon® E7-4800/8800 v3 series / 18 cores per processor
  • Form factor/height: 4U rack
  • Memory: Up to 6.0 TB, 96 DIMM slots supporting 64 GB LRDIMMs
  • Flash storage: Up to 12.8 TB, 32 x 400 GB eXFlash DIMMs (ultra-low latency)

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